1: How do you say that again?

I knew from a very early age that I had a good work ethic but that my direction was different than a lot of other people I knew. Having been raised on-again off-again off grid, in the woods, in a log cabin and by entrepreneurs nonetheless, my interests seemed to sway in ways that were too unconventional for “the modern world” but not quite so extreme for the “backwoods” country bumpkin, I guess considering that I’m a Gemini probably has a lot to do with it as well honestly. But meeting Joe, falling in love and exchanging similarities in our upbringing and overall mentality I knew from the moment I saw him he was the one for me. We talked about what we could do business wise that would fit our lifestyle, something hands on, something we could enjoy but that we could also find practical uses for in our everyday life.

Rosebud is my hometown; born and raised. And watching it go from a small retirement town of a few hundred people, to a bar town, to an antique town and then a boutique type of town was unbelievably fascinating. I love that here we are in this tiny little town in the heart of Missouri that carried a charm in ways next to impossible to find anywhere else. We knew we wanted to be part of that evolution, but what could we do? How could we add to that?

We eventually settled on “The Rosebud Apothecary”; yes I know y’all are thinking “oh yeah I watched that show too” but it was a complete coincidence that father/son Levy team had resurrected this word that has been around for thousands of years that to the modern world, claimed it as new. But we were set on it.

The idea was simple , monthly boxes with handmade goods!

As we began accumulating for our little business we noticed a shop had just been put on the market and I’m not going to lie, we both wanted it. Even though we were in the middle of building our tiny home and working... let’s just say not the best of jobs, we both had the same fire inside about this business. But it was not to be. Or was it?

As we continued pushing forward with our idea, that same shop came and went. Someone had bought it and honestly that was a huge relief, when you want something you know you can not have sometimes it’s easier to know it is not even an option but then when a “For Rent” sign hung in the window we suddenly felt the fire inside once more and upon contacting the owners it appeared to be a perfect fit.

Here’s another young couple with their own business plans and dreams that seemed to align with ours, “Apothecary, Apothecary!” I kept saying to everyone, having to explain that we wanted to do a handmade type general store and to our surprise everything worked in our favor.

We signed the lease and began working on the storefront portion while the Clancy’s worked on putting a Bed & Breakfast called the “Rosebud Guesthouse” in the back. How cool.

You know when something is meant to be when things align themselves in your favor, that’s not to say anything was easy, but they were obtainable, everything was going great until the board of pharmacy got in contact with us and loooong story short let’s just say we were forced to go from “Apothecary” to “Haberdashery”, one difficult, uncommon word to another.

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